Rhonda Nails

Author, Trainer, Success Instigator

Rhonda Nails….some may know her as 

The Success Instigator but before that she was known as 

Blind, Broken and Bankrupt. 

To understand the woman, you must understand her “story”:

At the age of 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye….

At age 25 she was left BROKEN as a Single Mother….

At age 34 a loan scam left her to file BANKRUPTCY….

Despite these 3 B’s…she became:

*Owner of Signature Notaries; A Nationwide Notary Network

*Amazon Kindle Best Seller…TWICE

*Power Speaker, Biz Innovator and Success Instigator

Rhonda uses her story and life lessons to instigate others how to P.U.S.H…Pursue Until Success Happens!

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